Thursday, 14 August 2008

Being overtaken by The X Files

I have been bought one of the best and one of the most destructive birthday presents by Ralph.

The ENTIRE collection of The X Files to date (including the old movie and excluding the current movie, but that's ok, it's shit. Billy Connolly as a psychic paedophile priest. I've said enough). So far I have had it for two days and have somehow managed to fit in 7 and a half hours of episodes, and few hours of special features and the movie. This is whilst maintaining some kind of life outside of the house. Small bits of paranoia have started to slip into my attempts at normality, such as having a slight panic at the doctors when I had to check in using a computer rather than talking to a person. I am also currently blogging about the X Files whilst watching the series 1 bonus disc. It's ok though, I have a boyfriend and a job.

As an early pubescent girl I was what is known as an 'X Phile'. I had a slightly obsessive crush on David Duchovny and was able to give a precise running commentary on all the episodes in the first 2 series, and most of series 3. I gave up on series 4. I think this was about the time I started going to school discos.

The Urban Dictionary (I feel ashamed to be using this as a cultural reference point) defines an X Phile as:

A person who is a huge fan of the hit tv show "The X Files". Normally they will apply ever aspect of the show to everyday life. Can often be found making music videos to the show, writing fan fiction or creating digital art or manipulations with the shows main characters, Mulder and Scully. A true x phile should be able to quote every significant event throughout the 9 year run of the show. Possibly the only people to ever understand the complex conspiracy that just got more confusing as time went on.

Can be found anxiously anticipating the next x files movie.
"It will happen, I know it will!"
A typical x phile would be able to say any of these at least once every day and incorporate them into otherwise unrelated conversation.

"That was like that time in that episode in Season 3 when Mulder asked Scully to..."
"That's why they put the 'i' in FBI!"
"This must be conspiracy"
"Oo! I feel like I'm stuck in an X File"

Endlessly singing the Catatonia hit: "Things are getting strange I'm starting to worry. This could be a case for Mulder and Scully!"

Whilst watching TV: "That guy was once on the x files in an episode where Scully and Mulder...."

"Trust no one"

And of course: "The truth is out there!"

That quote was in my top ten, but one of my favourites was:

Mulder: Why is it when every time I think I know the answers, someone goes and changes the questions?

I myself was dead against that Catatonia song but fellow 'X Phile', Elizabeth, was really into it. She thought it was nice to make people aware of the implicit impact The X Files can have on everyday enjoyment. I thought it was best to keep The X Files cult. Not quite sure what I thought 'cult' was when I was 13 but I did know that having a pop song refer to it all was close to blasphemy.

However, I have grown a decade since all then. It feels nice being able to look back at something that consumed my life for a couple of years and be thankful that the time of unrequited crushes and early teenage obsessions is not about to repeat itself.

I do like The X Files in German though. I can't speak German, but it just seems to work. You Tube is a bit thin on the ground when it comes to straight up Akte X, but I did find:


That is all

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Back from Holiday

Being on holiday, on a beach, in the sea and away from London was, erm, amazing. Completely. This was my first beach holiday in ten years. I had forgotten how much effort it takes to relax. I also turned 24 whilst out there. Highlights included:

1) The 1970's Germanic Package Holiday Fassbinder-nightmare Hotel we found ourselves in on the first night. We did only stay for that night. Too weird.

2) Driving a boat, anchoring it in a bay, diving off it into the sea, and then getting multiple cuts and bruises trying to get back in. Ralph had to save me as I dangled over the edge on my stomach.

3) Finding awful postcards and sending them to nice people (I apologise to those who received them. And to those who did not)

4) Watching Ralph eat 3 pizzas in one day. (See the determination in his face) I mean, the food in Croatia isn't exactly designed for vegetarians, but there was at least some variation between pasta, pizza and salad. Ralph saw this as an excuse to prove that man can live on pizza alone.

So all in all, the holiday was an amazing one, apart from all the Mosquito bites I got. I have started to notice that there are certain things that have got worse as I have got older; by ability to tan less, suddenly becoming tastier to Mosquitos and my inability to deal with heights. If things keep going this way, by the time I reach 25 I am going to just be one huge nervous midgie bite.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

We're going to Croatia

Ralph and I are off to Croatia tomorrow/ today.

I am supposed to be in bed as we have to get up and leave in 4 hours but I am too excited. In fact, I am actually still packing. The last minute thing is starting to become a major aspect of our trip already. We only bought a suitcase at 8.00pm and finally got the motivation to book a place to stay at 11.30pm. We are still yet to get money (what's the currency?!). Despite being the kind of person who is unable to handle any kind of last minute organisation, I am remarkably calm. I think it might have something to do with knowing that in a few hours time, I am going to be here:

Right, ok, Blogger isn't uploading photos.


I can assure you that the place we are going in AMAZING and you would have been jealous.

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Etch-A-Sketch Mugabe

If only all arseholes could be done away with by shaking them.

Friday, 1 August 2008

Last day

Today is my last day in a job I have been in for the past two years. I am leaving behind a 16 stone, 6ft 2" South African, short-tempered lady boss; an amazing iMac; my comfy chair and a library of incredible psychoanalysis books. I am going to miss having photo booth and an endless supply of post its (examples above and below) but I think I'll cope.

I am looking forward to: time off, going to Croatia, working with more than 3 other people (all of whom are bosses), having people to go to the pub with after work, finally working in mental health, using my brain and having a new desk.